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June 25, 2011

Dual L298HN Motor Driver

I built this motor controller to power the motors for an Arduino-controlled robot I am working on.  It uses 2 L298HN dual full-bridge chips, each of which is capable of powering 2 DC motors at 2A each, with bidirectional control.  You can get up to 3 of the L298HN chips for free from the ST website.  The rest of the parts needed are as follows:




I cut an old northbridge heatsink in half and drilled and tapped it to fit the chips:

Here's the board's layout:

Next to an Arduino for a size reference:

In use:


  1. can you plz post the code for it i'm using a single l298hn motor driver

  2. The code I used is on my tree climbing robot page:

    However, it has lots of other irrelevant code in it. Basically, all you have to do is this:

    To enable a motor, set the pin connected to the enable pin on the chip to "HIGH." Alternatively, if you want to use PWM speed control, connect a PWM output to the enable pin.

    To spin the motor, set one out of the two motor input pins to "HIGH" and the other to "LOW." To switch the direction, just switch the states of both these pins.

  3. plz tell me how can i run and find program for 3*3 led matrix gui control with arduino


  4. can you make connections clear between terminal strips and l298hn..?