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February 19, 2011

Birch and Mahogany Home Theater PC

This is a home theater PC I built from mostly spare parts.  It was designed to be as compact and quiet as possible, given the parts I used, and also not look intrusive in a living room setting.

Build a Birch and Mahogany Home Theater PC

February 13, 2011

Triple Monitors

I recently switched GPUs from an HD3650 to a 9800GTX+, and because I also have an old 8500gt, I now have two nVidia cards.  This means that in Windows Vista, I can run two video cards (Vista requires the two cards to use the same drivers, but W7 does not).  To get the setup working, I had to do some modifications to the 8500gt, as well as build a stand for my monitors, since my desk is too small for three.