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June 5, 2011

Useless Machines

I built three "Useless Machines" within the last few months, and here are two of them.  I made one for my younger sister to decorate and give to her science teacher, and the other out of leftover parts I had.  The circuits of both have been modified from the standard circuit to include an LED strip.  The LED's are wired through the bumper switch, so they only light up when the box is open and the arm is moving.

I made the wiring extremely need for this one, both for looks and serviceability.

Here's a video of it working.  You can see how bright the LED's are well in it.

The second box is a completely different design, because I had smaller box and different shaped gear motor.

Messy wiring and DIY battery clip:

For more info on building useless machines, go HERE.

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