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August 16, 2011

More Blacksmithing

I spent another 4 days blacksmithing, and came up with this:

I mostly made up the piece as I went along.  The entire thing can be taken apart and put together without any fasteners, and there are close-up pictures after the break:

This is the bit that converts the circular motion to a linear motion:

This piece is part of the stand, and it clips onto the rails of the above piece.  The bottom fits into the circular base:

Here you can see the grooves that the linear actuator clips into:

This part fits onto the stand above.  The bell fits onto the hook at the left end, and the arm with the slot hits the bell when it is moved back and forth by the linear actuator.  The slot was cut with a die grinder and filed smooth:

This circular bit supports the rest of the gizmo:

This is the bell.  It was forged out of a short segment of 1" round steel pipe:

Here you can see how the linear actuator fits into the slot to move the arm that hits the bell:

In this picture you can see how the linear actuator fits into the stand, and how the bell and arm holder attach to the stand:

The spiral handle is attached in grooves, so it spins as you turn the crank around:


I submitted this to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and it won a gold medal nationally!  That means that this piece will be on display at Parson New York from June 1-16.

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