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September 30, 2014

iPad Retina Display External Monitor

Two summers ago I bought an iPad 3 LCD off ebay.  These are 9.7" 2048 x 1536 IPS panels, which use an internal DisplayPort interface.  In May, I finally got around to building an external display out of the panel, which can be clipped directly onto the side of my Macbook Pro's screen, and is powered by a USB port.

I have been using the display on a daily basis for the last four months, and it has held up beautifully.  It took a little while for my eyes to get used to the tiny 264 pixels-per-inch pixel density, but I can now comfortably use it at native resolution.

The display's build log can be found here.

The back of the display was cut from the side panel of an old Power Mac G5 case, and it attaches to the side of my laptop with a pair of 3D-printed clips that friction-fit onto my laptop's screen.


  1. Hi,did you mind to send me a 3D printing file for the clip? I would like to print it too.
    Please send to my email :
    Thanks you.

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