December 15, 2019

The Mini Cheetah Robot

Back during my second year of undergrad I started scheming about building legged robots out of cheap hobby brushless motors.  Two years later as a senior, I finally made a first-pass at building some of the hardware - motor controllersgearboxes, and a two-degree of freedom leg.  Things look promising, so I stayed at MIT to do a masters in Sangbae's lab continuing the project.  The Mini Cheetah robot is the result of that work:

Photo: Bryce Vickmark

First quadruped robot to do a backflip!

The first version of the robot was put together in March 2018.  I spent the summer after finishing my Masters helping get the robot fully up and running (literally).  When we saw how well everything worked, we decided to build a handful more of the robots, both for our lab and to loan out to other research groups to experiment on.  I spent about a year doing some design revisions and building 10 more of the robots.

The robot is probably best documented in my masters thesis, but there are also several blog-posts as well.

Here are several papers (in no particular order) published about the robot or  using it.  I'll keep updating this list as I hear about more publications using the robot